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Baralacha La –A tale of the Cannibal 2023


Located in the Zanskar Valley, Baralacha Pass is a well-liked tourist destination in Ladakh and a site of such breathtaking beauty that it’s difficult to believe such a place could exist. The sight that awaits you here is worth every bit of the effort, even though crossing it calls for bravery and an endless sense of adventure

This 8-kilometer pass is situated in the well-known Zanskar Range of Ladakh and runs parallel to the well-known Leh-Manali highway, which links the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh with the Leh district of Ladakh. Situated at the confluence of the Great Himalayan, Zanskar, and Pir Panjal mountain ranges, it is one of India’s highest motorable passes.

The River Bhaga, a tributary of the River Chenab and a source of the Surya Taal Lake, is located nearby.

Baralacha La –A tale of the Cannibal 2023

A few years ago, there was a post at the top. Baralacha La had military posts, as did all the high mountain passes. However, because of the intense snowfall at the pass, this post was the hardest. Soldiers used to collect their rations during the winter months because it was nearly impossible to get to the post during that time It is still feasible to get through the snow and get to the top of other posts.

This is how we maintain the roads here open for military use during the winter. However, there was a time when the only means of communication for the soldiers at the Baralacha La post was by radio during weeks-long interruptions.

Three soldiers were stationed at the top of the Pass one winter, exactly where Shaheed Sainik Bhawan is today. The weather was extremely bad in January and February of that year. It was the heaviest snowfall on record, they claimed.

For nearly two months, the three soldiers stationed at Baralacha La were left stranded. There was very little radio contact during those months. A patrol went up to the post to deliver rations after the weather somewhat improved in March and BRO (border road organization) was able to open the roads for military vehicles. However, what they witnessed there was unbelievable.

What they observe?

“They found a man eating what appeared to be human body parts while sitting inside the post.”

“All three soldiers were dead, their bodies half-eaten, and nobody knew who he was. He dashed toward them with a knife in his hand as soon as the patrol arrived, but he was shot down before he could harm anyone else.

There was total silence for a few seconds.

“Did they discover the reason he did it?”

Not at all. Before anyone could speak to him, he passed away. The Army asked in the surrounding villages, but nobody was able to identify his body.

“After that incident, they kept up the post for a few more years before leaving it.”
primarily due to the difficulty of keeping up a post at Baralacha La. The Army used to be stationed at each of these passes on the Manali-Leh highway. However, keeping soldiers there started to seem kind of pointless over time. It isn’t actually near a border. Thus, all of the posts were eventually removed. But things were very different with Baralacha.

“Did someone else also die there?”

“No, but the soldiers began to report seeing weird things happen.”

Baralacha La’s Haunted Pass

similar to observing odd whispers as though someone was roaring not far from their ears. Occasionally, they would go outside and come back to discover the post completely looted; they would have no idea who had done it or who else was there. A few of them even reported seeing an odd man carrying a knife.

Some claimed to have heard soldiers’ agonizing cries, which they claimed sounded like they were being killed. These reports were dismissed at first, but practically every soldier posted there afterwards voiced similar complaints. Some of them even abandoned their posts and moved to one that was close by.


How to reach Baralacha La

You will need to travel to Manali first in order to get to Baralacha La. There are two ways you can go from Manali. First, through Rohtang Pass, and second, through Rohtang Tunnel.

Route1: 190 km from Manali to the Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Jispa, Darcha, and Baralacha Pass

Route 2: 145 km from Manali to the Rohtang Tunnel, Keylong, Jispa, Darcha, and Baralacha Pass

Tourists will undoubtedly choose option number one since it allows them to see the majestic Rohtang Pass en route. In this manner, the trip will take two days. You travel to Keylong via Rohtang on Day 1 and spend the night there. Visit Baralacha La on Day 2 and then take the Atal Tunnel back to Manali.

If you were only going to have one day, you could schedule a day trip, but you would need to leave Manali very early. You will use the Atal Tunnel to travel to Baralacha Pass and back. Read more about

The Ideal Time to visit to Baralacha La

May, June, and September are, in my opinion, the best times to visit Baralacha la Pass. The monsoon season in July and August is reason enough to avoid going. Though there will always be a question of whether the pass was open or not, you can still make plans for May and October. October will bring extremely cold weather as well.

At Baralacha La, what to see

Actually, Baralacha is a tourist destination unto itself. It is considered one of the must-see locations in Lahaul Valley and along the Manali-Leh Highway. However, here’s a list of things to see at Baralacha La or while en route there.

Bhaga River

On the banks of the Bhaga River sits Jispa. You will also be traveling alongside the river on your route between Jispa and Rohtang. It can be truly amazing in certain locations, making it difficult to believe you are not in Europe.

Bhaga River

The confluence point of the Chandra and Bhaga Rivers

Suraj Tal Lake, also called Surya Taal Lake, is the source of the Bhaga River. Later on, it forms the Chenab River when it unites with the Chandra River close to Tandi. The renowned Chandratal is the source of the Chandra River. Here’s a photo of the location where these rivers converge.

of bhaga and chandra river

Deepak Taal

On the way from Jispa to Baralacha La, you will pass a small lake called Deepak Tal. You can stop and have some food at one of the few dhabas that are close to the lake. If you were bringing your own tents and the rest of your camping equipment, it is also a nice place to camp.

Deepak Taal

Suraj Taal

Situated at the top of Baralacha La Pass is another tiny lake. It is the Bhaga River’s source and is frozen for the majority of the year. July is when the photo of the lake below was taken. Thus, you can visit both the pass and the two aforementioned lakes in one trip if you drive towards Baralacha La.

Suraj Taal

Where to Eat and Stay

AS you know its hard to stay at passes so Jispa is the closest location where you can find accommodation. While there are a few dhabas and Chadar tents in Darcha and the area around Deepak Tal, they are essentially just makeshift dormitories. You can find reasonably good hotels or campsites in Jispa or Keylong.

The dhaba by Deepak Tal is the closest location to grab a bite.

Temperature at Baralacha La

At the pass, summertime temperatures remain around 10°C during the day and drop several degrees at night.

At the pass, wintertime temperatures typically remain around -25°C or even lower.


I hope the details on Baralacha La Pass above were useful. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the space provided for comments below, and I will be pleased to respond. To read more on travel destination

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the meaning of “La”

Ans: La means pass like Khardungla it means Khardungla pass

Q.2 What is the best time to visit Baralacha Pass?

Ans: The best time to visit the Baralacha Pass is from the months of April to October.

Q.3 Is a permit required for visitors to enter Baralacha Pass?

Ans: Yes, Indian citizens must have valid photo identity cards and attested copies of all relevant documentation, including voter ID cards, passports, and Aadhaar, in order to enter Baralacha Pass.

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