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Chakrata a Weekend Trip from Delhi-2024

Chakrata is a small town in the state of Uttarakhand. These days, weekend trips and quick trips are normal since not everyone can afford to take a few days off from their daily lives. A lengthy vacation may not always be possible due to a variety of factors, including financial constraints, familial responsibilities, and work obligations. Therefore, travel destinations that are manageable to cover in a few days are becoming more and more popular.

There are a number of locations in Uttarakhand and Himachal that you can easily visit for a weekend or longer if you live somewhere like Delhi .While some of these locations—like Shimla and Manali—are fairly well-known, others are a little less so. The town of Chakrata is one such treasure that fits into the category of offbeat locations.

It doesn’t mean that Chakrata is enough only for a short trip absolutely not. My point is only that Chakrata is so easily reachable that even if you only had two or three days, you could still come here. That being said, you are in for a treat if you can afford to take a little more time.

Chakrata is a breathtakingly beautiful place that needs to be on your travel itinerary. The roads are smooth, the views are breathtaking, and the connectivity is first-rate. I have witnessed some of the most breathtaking sunsets of my life in Chakrata.

You can also easily access some other nearby locations from there Deoban, Tiger falls, Kanasar, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti. I’m going to be discussing about how to plan a trip to Chakrata in this post.

Located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state, India, Chakrata is both a cantonment town and a sub district, or tehsil. Situated at an elevation of 2118 meters and 98 kilometers away from the state capital, Dehradun, it is situated between the Tons and Yamuna rivers. Chakrata lies in Garhwal region of Himalayas The British Indian Army initially used Chakrata as a cantonment. Chakrata is 320 km away from Delhi. Read more about Offbeat

Chakrata might not be for you if you’re looking for a place to visit with a large market where you can go shopping, a ton of tourist attractions, and a long list of places to see. However, Chakrata will be the ideal option if you want to visit a very picturesque location that is easily accessible, clean, and not overly crowded.

It also has good hotels. If you were me, I would come here just to snap some breathtaking pictures of the sunset and to indulge in the Army cafeteria’s Nepali Roti

This transcendent hill station is a lovely location, far from the bustle, blessed with breathtaking views and attracting natural beauty. Photographers, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, adventure seekers, and those who would rather visit unusual locations than well-known tourist attractions will find great enjoyment in this place

Chakrata can only be reached by road because of its hilly location. The good news is that the location has excellent road and public transportation connections to the neighboring towns. You have the option to take public transportation or drive yourself there. Read more:

Let’s now explore the route that leads from Delhi to Chakrata. In this particular case, the itinerary is as follows:

It won’t take long to drive from Delhi to Roorkee via Meerut, Khatauli, and Muzaffarnagar because the route is now extremely smooth. Turn off the Haridwar Highway and head towards Dehradun from Roorkee. You need to locate the Chakrata Road in Dehradun.

Ask anyone in the area to direct you to Vikasnagar, Dakpatthar, or Chakrata. You will then drive up to Chakrata from Dakpatthar. After Dehradun, the road is a mixture of decent, awful, and mediocre, but it is primarily average.

Of course, there are other possible routes and variations, but the ones I’ve listed above are most likely the quickest and most straightforward. By far the best route from Delhi to Chakrata is via Paonta Sahib.

The easiest part would be to take a bus to Dehradun if you were traveling from Delhi. From ISBT Delhi, there are numerous buses that travel to Dehradun during the day and overnight. There are two ways you can go to Chakrata from Dehradun. For the final portion of your trip, you can either find a bus or hire a private taxi.

The closest train station to Chakrata is about 85 kilometers away in Dehradun. It has excellent connections to all of India’s major cities. To get to Dehradun by early morning, it is best to take a night train. You have two options for getting from the train station: take the bus, as I mentioned earlier, or arrive a private taxi.

At a distance of roughly 115 kilometers, the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Chakrata. It is a domestic airport with excellent connections to other Indian cities. You can take a taxi from the airport; a drop will cost you between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 3000. You can find these taxis directly outside the airport. Or you could take the bus to Chakrata after arriving at the Dehradun bus stop.

Since the tranquility and scenic beauty of Chakrata are the main draws, there isn’t a long list of places to see here. This is Chakrata for you: take some time to unwind, enjoy the sounds of the birds, and witness a breathtaking sunrise and sunset each day.

These activities are the ones that can genuinely be regarded as the greatest in Chakrata. Having said that, anyone who enjoys motorcycling, photography, adventure, wildlife observation, or bird watching will find this area to be a paradise.

Here are a few locations in and around this tiny town that are considered to be Chakrata tourist attractions. For those who are considering a trip to Chakrata, the list of things to see is provided below.

  • Sunrise & Sunset
  • Tiger Falls
  • Deoban / Devban
  • Ram Tal
  • Chilmiri Neck
  • Budher Caves
  • Kimona Falls
  • Kanasar

1. Sunrise and Sunset


I will undoubtedly rank this as Chakrata’s top tourist destination. This town is situated so that you can enjoy amazing views of the sunrise in the east and a breathtaking sunset in the west. Choose a hotel where you can enjoy a clear view of the sky from the balcony or the hotel room when you check in. Just make sure that nothing is blocking your view, like trees or buildings.

Sunset View

2.Tiger Falls

Tiger Fall
Tiger Fall

Next on the list of things to do in the Chakrata area is a visit to Tiger Falls. The distance between this waterfall and the main town is roughly 8 kilometers. It is a lovely location with cascading waterfalls, a verdant forest, and a quaint pond. The motorable road that leads to the fall is in very poor condition, so please be aware of that. It would be advisable to avoid using this route in cars with low ground clearance.

3.Ram Tal

Ram Tal
Ram Tal

A small lake called Ram Tal is situated roughly ten kilometers from Chakrata. The only drawback to this location is that it occasionally dries out and is typically refilled with water only following the monsoon. When I was here, the lake had not a single drop of water in it.

4.Deoban / Devban


A thick forest called Deoban is situated 20 kilometers away from Chakrata. Situated at a height of 2,200 meters, it provides an amazing view of the Himalayan ranges and is encircled by towering Deodar trees. It is a popular spot for picnickers and photographers alike. Within the Kanasar forest range, which borders Himachal Pradesh, it is a portion of a reserved forest. Typically, the forests are made up of thorny shrubs, coniferous pine, fir, and broadleaved oak, especially in the vicinity of rocky outcrops.

5.Budher Caves

Budher Caves
Budher Caves

It is also referred to as Miola (or Moila) Caves, after the German national who made the discovery. These ancient caves are thought to have been once inhabited by the Pandavas from Mahabharat. The caverns are still largely undiscovered and are estimated to stretch 150 kilometers.

To get here, you will need to hike 3.5 kilometers, which should take you about two hours. It begins at the Budher Forest Rest House and is also referred to as the Miola Top Trek. The caves are small and narrow, so you might not want to, but the hike is well worth a day trip.

6.Bairat Khai Pass

Bairat Khai means to “The Princess of Hills.” Situated at an elevation of 1990 meters, 25 kilometers from Chakrata towards Tiuni, it provides a year-round 180-degree view of the snow-covered Himalayas. It is a well-liked location to see snowfall during the winter and beautiful summer weather.

7.Chilmiri Neck

Chilmiri Top
Chilmiri Top

The Garhwal Rifles mess and quarters are situated on Chilmiri Neck. The view from this location makes it one of Chakrata’s most popular tourist destinations. From here, on a clear day, one can see the Banderpoonch and Swargarohini, two prominent Himalayan peaks. Additionally, it is a great place to observe a variety of birds and butterflies. Also called sunset point, it is roughly 4 kilometers away from the market.



Two things make Kanasar famous: its meadow and its enormous trees. When I say giant, I mean trees the size of the picture below with incredibly thick trunks. It’s on Tiuni Road, 25 kilometers from the main market. Although there are some potholes and rough patches in this section of the road, the Kanasar meadow is still a well-liked picnic area.

Encircled by one of Asia’s top-rated deodar forests, the entire area is extremely picturesque. For those wishing to spend the night in Kanasar, there is also a forest rest house and some tented lodging available.

9.Kimona Falls

Kimona Falls
Kimona Falls

This waterfall, which is 115 feet high, It’s a location that is primarily undiscovered and seldom frequented by people; access is limited to hiking. Kimona Fall is still an undiscovered gem in the town of Chakrata. The 35-meter-tall Kimona waterfall is surrounded by dense oak forests and is seldom visited by tourists. A perfect location for an adventure or to spend some time in the serene Himalayan environment, this location brightens visitors’ mornings.

Here is a list of additional things you can do in Chakrata in addition to touring all of the tourist attractions listed above.

Activities in Chakrata

Observing Birds

Photography, Horse Riding, Hiking, and Camping

When it comes to the weather in Chakrata, there are two key points you should keep in mind. First, there is a lot of rain here, and second, the winters are extremely cold. As the winter season officially begins in November, the temperature drops sharply, occasionally falling below zero degrees at night. Here,

the snowfall begins at the end of December and continues at any time in January and February. However, compared to the main town of Chakrata, the upper regions, such as Deoban, experience more intense and frequent snowfall.

When winter ends in March, April, May, and June are thought to be the ideal months to visit Chakrata. These months have very pleasant weather, with sunny skies, warm days, and cool nights. The bulk of visitors to Chakrata and its environs arrive during this time. Here, the monsoon arrives at the end of June, and during July and August, right up until the beginning of September, the gods of rain rule.

This time of year brings heavy rains, occasionally to the point where roads become blocked by landslides. The best months to see the most scenic beauty are thought to be September and October. October displays the golden orange of autumn in the trees, while September offers views of lush greenery.
It is safe to say, in my opinion, that the best months to visit Chakrata are April, May, June, and September based on the information above. This is the perfect time of year for outdoor pursuits like bird watching, mountain biking, trekking, and camping.

For tourists, the weather is generally very pleasant during this time of year. It’s also the ideal time of year for a family vacation because schools are on summer break.


You can find lots of places to stay in Chakrata, including hotels. These cost anywhere from Rs. 800 to Rs. 3000 or more. You can also camp, but only in the vicinity of Mundali, Thana Danda Peak, and Budher Caves. Since there aren’t many hotels in this area, it’s best to plan ahead and reserve your stay to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Food options

I wouldn’t suggest trying any particular or unique item here. Despite being a small cantonment town, there are a few eateries with popular Chinese dishes like noodles and momos, as well as local cuisine including North and South Indian dishes. You have the option to dine at your hotel or venture out to a nearby restaurant, depending on your preferences.

Nonetheless, I would suggest trying the Nepali Roti at the Army canteen. The canteen is clearly visible; it’s inside a massive Army gate, which you’ll find as you descend a steep flight of stairs from the main market. Try the Nepali Roti dish at the Army canteen.


Nothing noteworthy can be purchased in Chakrata. There are a few stores here, but they only sell groceries and everyday necessities. W can buy some gift items for friends and family like souvenirs.

ATMs and banks
Although Chakrata is an Army canton, a number of large banks have branches with operating ATMs here. Here, I’ve seen Axis Bank, PNB, and SBI. Every major town along the route, including Paonta Sahib and Vikas Nagar, has banks and ATMs.
Petrol pump
Although there aren’t any gas stations in Chakrata town, you will pass a number of them enroute. You won’t have to worry about fuel when you visit this place. The closest gas station is approximately 50 kilometers away in Dakpathar, so please fill up your car to the appropriate level. You can get some small auto repairs done in Chakrata, but for anything more complicated

Mobile Network
Your phone will function normally in the main town regardless of the network you were on, but you might lose service heading toward Budher Caves. While not very slow, data connectivity was a little lacking.
You can receive medical attention at this government hospital. Since it is a cantonment, assistance from the Indian Army may also be requested if necessary.

A. Indeed, there is snow in the Chakrata area in January and February.

A. In the winter, you can still get to Chakrata using all of the methods I previously described in this post.

Q3. What is the route from Mussoorie to Chakrata?

A. You will first travel to Kempty Falls from Mussoorie, and then you will travel to Chakrata by road via Lakhwar.

Q4. How do I get from Haridwar and Rishikesh to Chakrata?

A. The best route to get to Chakrata from Haridwar and Rishikesh is via Dakpathar and Dehradun.

Enjoy your Chakrata weekend adventure, capturing the essence of this Himalayan gem in 2024!

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